Mission and Vision


Canada benefits from the innovative science and technology contributions of its youth.


Youth Science Canada exists so Canadian youth are engaged through science in inquiry and critical thinking.

Engaging and supporting Canada’s young scientists

We are inspired by the potential of Canada’s youth to improve the world through science and we make programs and resources to help realize that potential.

For over 50 years, Youth Science Canada has been Canada’s leading organization for the promotion of innovation and celebration of excellence in science, engineering and technology among our nation’s youth.

Youth Science Canada provides or partners in programs to increase awareness and involvement of youth in science, engineering and technology, to engage, mentor and recognize Canada’s young scientists, to set standards for scientific experimentation by young people, to promote the creation and support of science and technology fairs, and to engage scientists, engineers, educators, parents and leading public and private sector organizations in the development of a national science, engineering and technology network of Canadian youth.

Youth Science Canada is best known for its showcase event, the annual Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF), which hosts the top 500 young scientists from across the country. In 2011, Youth Science Canada proudly celebrated an important milestone, hosting the 50th annual Canada-Wide Science Fair, in Toronto.

A national, registered charitable organization, Youth Science Canada relies on the largest volunteer network of its kind in Canada – more than 8,000 dedicated parents, teachers and scientists – and the generosity of our sponsors, donors and partners, who share our commitment to spark a passion for science among our nation’s youth.


Canada saw its first science fairs in 1959 when Winnipeg, Edmonton, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver all hosted fairs. Two years later the volunteers formed the Canadian Science Fairs Council to coordinate efforts and share ideas for success.

In 1966, the Council was replaced by the Youth Science Foundation. Its purposes went beyond science fairs, to support scientists and teachers, coordinate extra-curricular activities in science, engineering and technology, and promote a better understanding of the role of these fields in national and international affairs. In 1995 the organization changed its name to Youth Science Foundation Canada and in 2008 to Youth Science Canada.

Many organizations are engaged in the challenge to interest youth in science, engineering and technology. Only Youth Science Canada, however, has 50 years of experience to its credit, and a network of thousands of dedicated volunteers working from coast to coast to coast.