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Christian Theriault

Board Member

Serial entrepreneur

Christian Theriault is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with expertise across several deeptech industries. He has co-founded or been involved with startups in robotics, machine vision, medical devices, and new chemical entity development. His latest company, which was acquired by a Japanese multinational, had the distinction of producing the world’s fastest focusing lens – widely used across several markets ranging from laser material processing to metrology and biomedical imaging. More recently, Christian has been involved with mentoring high-tech startups through his participation in various accelerator programs, angel groups, and the National Science Foundation. Christian holds an MSE in Material Science and Process Management and an A.B. in Molecular Biology and Bioengineering, both from Princeton University; he has authored several academic papers and holds numerous patents. He currently serves as an advisor to several technology and consumer facing startups and resides in New York City. He is an alumnus of four CWSF/ESPCs which he credits for shaping his intellectual curiosity and love of learning.