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Dominic Tremblay

French Services, Smarter Science Trainer

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Dominic P. Tremblay is an education consultant with a focus on STEM education, robotics, inquiry-based science, and personalized learning strategies. He has worked with schools across Canada and abroad to improve student outcomes and engagement in these areas.

Tremblay’s interest in science education began when he participated in the Canada-Wide Science Fair as a teen. This experience inspired him to become an advocate for science fairs and their ability to encourage curiosity and creativity in students. He has since become involved in science fairs as a judge, mentor, and organizer.

In addition to his work with science education, Tremblay is also an expert in educational technology, including robotics. He has helped schools to implement robotics programs, integrating them into STEM curriculum and providing professional development for teachers.

Tremblay is a recognized leader in STEM education and has been involved with Smarter Science, an inquiry-based science program, since its inception. He has developed and delivered professional development workshops for teachers on the program, helping them to integrate inquiry-based science into their classrooms.