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January 2023 Newsletter – Curiosity

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

– Albert Einstein


Welcome to the new year and might I say, 2023 is definitely going to be your best year yet! ….Do you feel it? That instinct to wonder why I’ve made such a bold claim. That my friend, is your sense of curiosity kicking into action, and that is our theme for this month.

Curiosity is the liberator of boredom, the killer of cats, the spark of passion, of wonder, of excitement. Curiosity is the reading of books by flashlight, under the covers in the dark of night. It’s the touching of a plate after told “Careful, it’s hot!” Curiosity is the IMDB search mid-movie because “isn’t that one girl in that thing with that other guy?” Curiosity is why…

As children, we drive our parents mad, asking why is the sky blue, why is an apple red, why don’t the Leafs win a few more games? And yet, as we grow older, curiosity becomes seen as more of a risk we tend to ignore to stay true to the status quo. Curiosity abounds in every aspect of our life, hand in hand with science, engineering, math, technology. It’s for this very reason, that when we get asked why should someone do a science fair project (which let’s be honest…it’s a pretty common question!), our response is simple – to answer why.


🤔 Perform and Record 🤔

What makes you curious? Keep a running log of what catches your attention on your way to work/school; write down every time you find yourself saying “I wonder why….” Notice what happens when you give yourself time to question the world around you. (Feel free to hit reply to this email and let me know what you’ve learned!)


Curious about what’s been happening with Youth Science Canada?

  • CWSF Ambassadors have been announced!
    We have selected 12 incredible alumni as Ambassadors for the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton this May 14-19. We’re very excited for you to meet them all!
  • We’re collecting STEM opportunities for Canadian youth!
    Do you find it hard to know what STEM opportunities exist for Canadian youth? We’re collecting events, volunteer opportunities, programs & competitions to share with our community. If you have something you’d like us to share, we’d love to hear about it!



“I am sending a sincere thank you to CWSF. As a girl from a smaller rural town, I remember feeling alone in my passion for STEM. At CWSF, I felt incredibly supported & definitely not alone. I also developed key skills in pitching, critical thinking and leadership that I carry with me to this day.”

I can’t explain how happy this made our team to hear these beautiful words of appreciation from a wonderful alumni. Sarah, you made our week with your story, and I wish you the best of luck in your future adventures in STEM!


Fun Stuff That’s Caught My Attention Recently

If you have something to share, fill out this form

  • Kialo is on a mission to make the world a more thoughtful place by hosting thorough discussions on issues both big and small.
  • Want to know what the research actually says? Consensus makes getting information from peer-reviewed research as easy as a Google search.
  • I love simple solutions to every day annoyances. TinyWow offers PDF, video, image and other online tools to make your life easier.


This newsletter is a result of my own curiosity; it’s something new for YSC, so I’m bringing to life the scientific method of hypothesis, experimentation, analysis, conclusion. Each month I hope to explore a new theme related to our shared love of STEM and our desire to see the youth of Canada discover & maintain interest in scientific inquiry.

In a world full of distractions, I implore you to embrace the mysteries and wonder around you; stay true to your inner child and ask why.

Next month’s topic will be on Community – if you have a story, resource or suggestion to share, I would love to hear from you! Until then, stay curious.


💜 Much love!

Stuart McKelvie

Communications Manager

Youth Science Canada


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