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Max Du profiled on CBC Kids News for his award-winning science fair project

14-year-old Max Du from Calgary, Alberta, won the platinum award for “innovation” at the 2022 Canada-Wide Science Fair. His winning project was a high-tech rescue drone, designed to save a person’s life if they go into cardiac arrest at home.

After receiving a toy drone as a gift and flying it around his home, Max started thinking how the drone could be used as a robot to complete various tasks around the house. He eventually came up with the idea to use a drone to help people who suffer from heart disease to potentially save their lives in the event they have a heart attack at home, when alone.

Max started experimenting with this idea by building a prototype drone. After 6 months of trial and error, his prototype was complete, the drone now retrofitted with an arm that could administer medicine to a person in need.

Max’s drone can fly, open a door handle, land safely and administer medication to the patient. It also has a surveillance camera that can communicate with an emergency response team who can then monitor the situation.

Max plans to keep working on his drone and this summer, has enrolled in university level robotics courses in the U.S. Learn more about Max and his innovative high-tech rescue drone in a recent interview with CBC Kids News.

Read the full interview here.