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November Newsletter – Unleash the Power of Ingenuity

“When we decide on a task to be done, no matter how daunting it may seem at the beginning, we are able to unleash human ingenuity and human innovative capacity that was unknown, and takes us to a solution.”

– Christiana Figueres


Hello future innovators,

Picture a scene of wonder—armed with curiosity and determination, a young scientist embarks on a seemingly impossible project. Their goal? To harness the limitless potential of ingenuity. Ingenuity is the art of finding inventive solutions to complex problems. It’s the magic that turns everyday objects into tools of innovation. Ingenuity means looking at challenges as opportunities, breaking down barriers with creative thinking, and inventing novel approaches that make the impossible possible. It’s the cornerstone of resilience and adaptability.


💡 Initiate & Plan 💡

Select one challenge or problem you’re currently facing in STEM or your personal life. Challenge yourself to think creatively and approach problems with fresh perspectives. Embrace ingenuity to brainstorm solutions and approaches. Share your ingenious ideas with us, and let’s celebrate the power of innovation together.


Recent Youth Science Canada news:

  • Team Canada awarded Best Delegation at MILSET ESI 2023
    This award, last won by Canada in 2009, celebrates their exemplary scientific projects, cultural openness, and the embodiment of the MILSET spirit. Congratulations Team Canada-MILSET! Read the full story here.
  • Applications for Team Canada-ISEF 2024 due December 15th
    We encourage all Canadian citizens & permanent residents who are currently attending grade 9-12 or, in Québec, Secondaire 3, 4, 5, or Cégep, to apply for Team Canada-ISEF 2024. Applications are due December 15th, but don’t wait to start applying! Learn more here.
  • CWSF Alum, Adam Martinez, awarded a Rhodes Scholarship
    CWSF 2016, 2018 & TC-ISEF 2017 alum, Adam Martinez, plans to continue his studies in Physics at Oxford, focusing on engineering quantum devices. You’re an inspiration Adam! Read his full bio here.
  • October’s purpleSTEMwave featured alum, Evan Howells, wins 2023 Nature Inspiration Award
    Not only that, but Evan also received the 2023 Pollinator Advocate Award for Canada by the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign for his STEM fair project’s research and advocacy efforts. Read about his Pollinator award here, and watch his Nature Inspiration Award video here. Amazing news, Evan!



“The Canada-Wide Science Fair shined a light on my passion for science. Now I’m using research to advocate for laws to protect our ecosystems.”

CWSF participants are changemakers. Thông Quách is a grade 10 student, CWSF2022 and 2023 alum, an ambassador for The 5gyres Institute, and launched the #WashSmarter Canada campaign to raise awareness about plastic microfiber pollution in Canada’s natural ecosystems. Learn more at


Fun Stuff That’s Caught My Attention Recently

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  • Talking about ingenuity and resiliency, this bird hasn’t been seen in 38 years. Its song may help track it down.
  • Some unsolicited advice: Pick something and do it regularly, whether you feel like it or not. (We hope you pick STEM projects…but we also hope you feel like doing it! 😅) This whole article is a great collection of interesting tidbits, from Nobel Prize winners on what they don’t understand about their own fields, it’s not just human females that feel the cold worse than males, and some cool rice straw sculptures from the Wara Art festival.
  • No doubt a few of you are still wondering what to do for your next STEM project. Just remember, the world always has room for a good idea. A completed project is always better than one that’s never started.


As you embark on this captivating journey of ingenuity, always hold in your heart the profound truth that every inventive solution you craft serves as a powerful testament to the boundless potential residing within you. With each creative spark, you not only illuminate the path to innovation but also redefine the horizons of what can be achieved.

These moments of ingenious inspiration are the building blocks of your growth as a scientist, an innovator, and a human being. Embrace them with open arms, for they are the keys to unlocking a world where challenges become stepping stones, problems transform into opportunities, and the extraordinary emerges from the realm of the possible.

Your ingenuity is the magic that will continue to shape your STEM projects and, more importantly, your remarkable journey through life itself.


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