Ottawa 2024

Date May 25 - Jun 1, 2024
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Countdown 31 Days to go


We have a team of 12 ambassadors – all former CWSF finalists – who will be supporting and cheering you on throughout the week. You will be placed on a team with roughly 20 other finalists and will find out which team you are on when you arrive at CWSF. Each team will be led by one or two ambassadors, and they will be your go-to person (beyond your delegate) for the week. Have a question about something in the schedule? Want to know how to make the most your experience at CWSF Your ambassador will be there to help! Let’s meet the team!


Katie Brent – Ambassador Coordinator

Abstract: Hello everyone, my name is Katie! I’m this year’s Ambassador Coordinator, and I am so excited to be returning to CWSF. I have previously been an Ambassador three times, and was a CWSF finalist four times from 2013-2016. I am from Oakville, Ontario. I really like where I’m from, because it’s so close to lots of awesome places, like Toronto and Niagara Falls! By day, I am a biomechanist completing my PhD in both Biological Anthropology & Archaeology and Biomedical Engineering. This means that I get to do incredibly cool research on the physics and biology of the human skeleton, past and present! In my spare time, I love doing any sort of visual art, like painting, drawing, pottery, or even adventuring into activities like stained glass or jewelry making. Feel free to chat if we have anything in common—see you at the fair! 

Keywords: biomechanics, arts and crafts, Greater Toronto Area, graduate school 


Emily Goodson

Abstract: Hey everyone!! I’m Emily, one of the ambassadors this year. I’ve been to CWSF five times as a finalist, and I’m ecstatic to be returning this year and to meet you all. My hometown is Beeton, Ontario – a super little town surrounded by fields and farms. My grandparents have a farm, and I’m a beekeeper, so I often spend my summer days outdoors in the sun. I’m currently at UBC studying science, and I haven’t quite declared my major yet. I think I’m going to work in research when I’m out of school, and I have CWSF to thank for that! I have loads of hobbies, I love being outside and exploring, gardening, art and drawing, working on cars and trucks with my friends, and having campfires. I can’t wait to get to know you all at the fair and see your amazing projects!  

Keywords: Bees, research, exploring, art, cars, campfires. 


Guntaas Kaur

Abstract: Hi Everyone. My name is Guntaas but everyone calls me Taas! This is my third time being at CWSF, the past two times were in 2018 and 2019 when I participated as a finalist. I am currently attending Queens University for Health Sciences. I have a passion for science, especially neuroscience. If you have any questions about pursuing science for your post-secondary education, feel free to come and ask me anything. I love meeting new people and would love to hear more about you and your project. Come trade a pin! 

Keywords: Neuroscience, Psychology, Art, Food, Tennis 


Hayden Persad

Abstract: Hello everyone. I’m Hayden and I’m an ambassador for CWSF. I have been a CWSF finalist four times and have some great memories from the fair. I come from Creston, a small town in British Columbia. I’m interested in sports, particularly basketball and soccer, and in my free time, I enjoy skiing during winter and hiking during summer. Currently, I am a second-year student at the University of British Columbia with a keen interest in chemistry. It would be nice to meet you all, so feel free to say hello!

Keywords: chemistry, sports, small town Creston, undergraduate


Hillary Huynh

Abstract: Hi friends, it’s Hillary! I am one of the CWSF Ambassadors and I am so excited to be returning to CWSF. I was a finalist at the 2017 and 2019 CWSF, and this is my first year as an Ambassador (super excited!). I am from the Northwest Territories but am currently living in British Columbia, studying at UBC! I am a BSc. & Master’s of Management Dual Degree student, studying psychology with a focus on consumer behaviour. I am also interested in forensic psychology, hoping to pursue law afterwards! In my spare time, I enjoy working out, thrift flipping, exploring the city, and cooking. Looking forward to chatting with you! 

Keywords: data analysis, consumer behaviour, UBC, Northern Canada 


Jacqueline Mansiere

Abstract: Hi everyone! My name is Jacqueline, and this year I am one of your ambassadors. I was a CWSF finalist in 2015, 2016, and 2019, and last year I was an ambassador as well. I grew up in a very small town named Summerland BC, but have moved to Vancouver, BC for university. I am studying Chemical & Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia. This involves a lot of physics (like fluid mechanics) as well as engineering design for reactors and cells (surprisingly very little chemistry…). In my free time I love to spend time outside as well as volunteering within my university. I am very excited to meet you all at the fair!  

Keywords: Vancouver, engineering, outdoors 


Julien-Pierre Houle

Abstract: Hi everyone! I’m Julien-Pierre, one of the ambassadors for this year’s CWSF. I’m thrilled to be back after being a finalist in both 2018 and 2019, and I’m excited to take on this new role. Currently, I’m majoring in Physics at Université de Sherbrooke, Québec. When I’m not hitting the books or programming, you can find me playing chess, running or mountain biking. I’m also really enthusiastic about AI and mathematics.  Don’t hesitate to come say hi, I’m always ready to discuss science, sports, or play a chess game! I’m also fluent in French, so feel free to come chat with me in either language. 

Keywords: physics, AI, chess, sports 


Kerry Yang

Abstract: Hello everyone! My name is Kerry and I’m one of this year’s Team UV Ambassadors and a previous CWSF finalist from 2018, 2019, and 2021. I’m currently a first-year health sciences student at McMaster University in Hamilton, but I’m originally from Sudbury, Ontario. One of my favourite parts of Sudbury is our science centre Science North where I started working as a “Bluecoat” after my first CWSF! Aside from STEM, I’m passionate about student advocacy and BIPOC representation in education. In my spare time I love to dive into a good book (I recommend Pachinko by Min Jin Lee) while drinking overpriced coffees at a cafe. A fun fact about me is that I’ve had the opportunity to discuss science and my research with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau twice in the past. I’m excited to meet you at the fair and I hope to connect with some of you beforehand if you want to chat! 

Keywords: Northern Ontario, health sciences, advocacy, books 


Maria Duynisveld

Abstract: Hey everyone! My name is Maria Duynisveld and this is my third year as an Ambassador. I’m super excited to be back at CWSF this year – I was a finalist like all of you from 2015 to 2018. I am from Pugwash, a village in Nova Scotia, where I operate a regenerative farm with my father. I am graduating this year from Dalhousie University, where I studied Plant Science and Animal Science with a certificate in Organic Agriculture. I focus on ecology and entomology in my research, so if you’ve got an interest in insects please let me know!  I’m also proud to be a queer woman in STEM and am always happy to talk to young LGBTQ+ scientists if you need support! Outside of STEM, I’m really passionate about sports and coaching, I love hiking, and I like to write and draw. I’m so excited to meet you all soon! 

Keywords: agriculture, nature, LGBTQ+, sports, Maritimes 


Maya Clapperton

Abstract: Hi, my name is Maya! This is my first year as an Ambassador, and I’m really excited to be a part of the other side of the fair, after being a CWSF finalist in 2019 and participating in the online fair in 2020. I’m from Hamilton, Ontario but right now I live in London, Ontario and go to Western University. I’m taking Integrated Science with Synthetic Biology, and I currently work in a lab doing medical research on spinal cords, which I think is really cool! I love all kinds of sports, being at the gym, and baking (especially banana bread right now). I can’t wait to meet everyone at the fair – see you in Edmonton! 

Keywords: biochemistry, sports, outdoors, baking, Western University


Patricia Humer

Abstract: Hey everyone, my name is Patricia! This is my first time being an Ambassador, and I attended CWSF in 2015 and 2016 as a finalist. I’m from Kelowna, BC, and I’m studying at McGill University in Montreal, Québec. I’m in my third year of my undergrad, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in French Literature. I’ve been working in a molecular biology lab for the past three years, so if anyone wants to chat about cool ways to monitor ecosystems noninvasively, let me know! Since I am quite a big fan of trees, I love to do most things that take place outside around our big leafy friends. I also enjoy sewing clothes and recently have been trying out salsa dancing! I’m very excited to hear all about the incredible research you finalists have been up to, and feel free to reach out to chat about trees, the brain or anything in between!  

Keywords: neuroscience, environmental nucleic acids, lakes, hiking 


Reza Mozaffaripour

Abstract: Hello everyone, my name is Reza Mozaffaripour! For this year’s CWSF I will be one of your ambassadors. I was a CWSF finalist in 2021 and became an ambassador the year after in 2022. With that, I’ve never been to an in-person fair, so this year will be my first! I am from London, Ontario, also known as the Forest City. As you can guess, the city is home to beautiful forests, trails, and waterways. I am in my second year at Western University studying science. My main passion lies within the field of Medical Imaging. Researching imaging technology to better understand the human body is fascinating to me. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball and soccer with my friends. I look forward to meeting all of you at the fair! 

Keywords: London, medical imaging, Western University, sports 


Zoe Gagnon

Abstract: Hi everyone! My name is Zoe and I am a Team UV Ambassador this year at CWSF. I was a CWSF finalist at the 2019 fair, and a member of Team UV at the 2022 fair as well. I am from Port Colborne, Ontario, which is about 30 minutes away from Niagara Falls or from St. Catharines, where I go to school. I completed my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, and am currently working on my Master’s of Science in Neurobiology, both at Brock University. I absolutely love studying the brain because of how diverse the field of research is! In my undergrad, I had the chance to study muscle contraction in fruit flies, and currently, I am studying learning and memory in the adult mouse brain. Outside of my studies, I enjoy playing basketball, hiking, reading, and listening to Taylor Swift. A fun fact about me is that I love animals and I have 2 dogs, a tank of fish, a snail, and an axolotl, all as my pets. Feel free to chat with me at the fair! 

Keywords: neurobiology, graduate school, Niagara region, axolotls, Taylor Swift, fruit flies, mice