Ottawa 2024

Date May 25 - Jun 1, 2024
Location Ottawa, Ontario
Countdown 31 Days to go

Judging Overview

As a finalist for the Canada-Wide Science Fair, you will have the opportunity to present your project to a panel of judges who will evaluate your work based on a set of criteria – you can see the judging rubric here. Judging takes place on Monday (for Excellence Awards) and Wednesday (for Special Awards) of the science fair week and is a crucial part of the experience.

Everyone will be have multiple rounds of judging, with each of your judging interviews being up to 20 minutes long. It is recommended you present your project for 3-5mins and the judges will then ask you questions for the remaining time. All interview panels will have multiple judges and your judges will have viewed your ProjectBoard site before the interviews.


Projects at the CWSF are grouped into three categories based on school grade. Excellence Awards at the CWSF are judged by category. While most Special Awards are also judged by category, some are open to projects from two or all three categories. You can learn more about the types of awards here.


  • Grades 7 and 8
  • Secondary I and II in Québec


  • Grades 9 and 10
  • Secondary III and IV in Québec


  • Grades 11 and 12
  • Secondary V, Cégep I and II in Québec