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YSC announces its 2023-2024 Board of Directors

Youth Science Canada is thrilled to announce the appointment of four exceptional individuals to its esteemed Board of Directors for 2023-2024. These new members bring a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds that will propel the organization forward in its mission to inspire and support the next generation of scientific innovators. As we welcome these accomplished professionals, we also bid farewell to four influential Board members who have contributed immensely to the organization’s growth and success.

  1. Trevor Maguire, the newly appointed Board Chair, is a respected financial planner and dedicated volunteer in the Western Manitoba community. With a wealth of experience, Trevor’s leadership and vision will guide the Board as they focus on governance and fostering a successful culture for the organization’s future.
  2. Alan Nursall, a prominent science communicator, brings his passion for engaging Canadian youth to the YSC Board. With extensive leadership experience in major science centers and as a former host of Discovery Canada’s “Daily Planet,” Alan’s expertise in public engagement and content creation will further strengthen YSC’s mission.
  3. Craig White, a devoted educator and promoter of STEM education, joins the Board with a deep understanding of the science fair movement. With a commitment to fostering diversity and addressing underrepresentation, Craig’s experience will contribute to engaging and inspiring youth from all backgrounds in scientific exploration.
  4. Harry Li, an experienced financial controller at the United Church of Canada, offers his financial acumen and strategic planning skills to ensure the organization’s financial sustainability. With his expertise, Harry will play a crucial role in supporting YSC’s mission and driving its continued growth.

As we enthusiastically welcome these exceptional individuals, we also express our heartfelt appreciation to the outgoing Board members: Austin Sawyer, Najib Hayat, Christian Theriault, and Dick Wilson. Their unwavering commitment, wisdom, and dedication have made a lasting impact on YSC’s growth and success. Their contributions, both on the Board and within their respective fields, have paved the way for a brighter future for youth engagement in STEM. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude to departing Board Chair, Jamie Parsons, for his exceptional leadership and unwavering dedication.

To learn more about Youth Science Canada’s Board of Directors, visit Board of Directors – Youth Science Canada | Youth Science Canada. Together with the new and existing Board members, YSC is poised to continue inspiring and empowering young Canadians, fueling their curiosity and passion for STEM.